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About Us

Our Business

Muskoka Springs Natural Spring Water Inc. dates back to 1873 when Dugald Brown started bottling natural spring water from his artesian well. He set up shop at 220 Bay Street in Gravenhurst Ontario – our home for 143 years. To the best of our knowledge, that makes us the oldest continuously-running company in Muskoka. Don’t worry, we have an entire slide show for you in our History section. Enjoy!


Today, Muskoka Springs is a diversified beverage service company in Central Ontario. We provide logistics solutions – including sales, warehousing, and distribution – to companies such as Coca-Cola Ltd and Canadian Springs. As part of our bottling operations, we provide private label natural spring water to clients all over Central Ontario.
Our branded division produces a variety of Muskoka Springs products available online and throughout Central / Southern Ontario.


Our award-winning Natural Spring Water is available in thousands of retailers, resorts, and businesses across the province. Our Craft Beverages are available in 12oz-bottles everywhere. Our clothing is available at Campus Crew locations in Muskoka, and our merchandize is available from us directly. For more information, check out the rest of our website or contact us directly. We are always happy to hear from interested parties.

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Our Brand


We have been bottling Muskoka for 143 years. In 1873, Muskoka was in its infancy. Through the decades, during war and peace, under different flags, as industries evolved, Muskoka and Muskoka Springs have grown together. Over time our company, our people, our products, our services, our brands, and our region, have changed dramatically, but Muskoka and Muskoka Springs have always embraced our history and traditions.


In the 1940s, we used tens of thousands of wooden crates to distribute our beverages; today, we keep the tradition alive, producing handmade limited edition wooden crates just like the ones you see in our board room and historic photos. In 1941, we purchased a Dodge pickup truck and customized it to transport our wooden beverage crates. “41” as we call her, has been in continuous operation ever since. In 2016, she celebrated her 75th birthday. You’ll see her on our crowns, our craft beverage labels, and all over Muskoka. Our heritage leaf has been used in our branding for over 100 years. It has been proudly displayed on Brown’s Beverages and Muskoka Dry products since the turn of the twentieth century. Today, you’ll find it on all Muskoka Springs products, proudly embodying our long history with the words: “Est 1873.”


When we refreshed our brand in 2016, we strived to emphasize the core characteristics of our company and our region. You’ll see Muskoka at every turn. Our brand stands for quality, purity, integrity, history, tradition, Muskoka, Canada, and peace of mind. Muskoka is an escape. For thousands of people, it’s their happy place. It’s where families and friends come together. It’s fun. It’s solace. For fourteen decades, we have been bottling Muskoka and bringing it you. Muskoka is more than a place and more than a flavor. It’s a state of mind. Our goal is to help you bring it with you wherever you go.

Our Team

143 years is too long for any career, but we are proud to boast that the average tenure of our team members is over ten years. We find good people, and we keep them. Our team is headed by veteran president Michael Billinghurst, who has been at the helm for over a quarter of a century. Right hand man, Shane Leeder, Director of Operations, hit the quarter-century mark in 2016. With a proven management team and the support of our parent company, The Rosseau Group, Muskoka Springs is proudly expanding operations. We have already begun to grow our team, and we are excited to keep the momentum going. As we expand, we will be looking for team members in a variety of departments, including marketing, promotions, logistics, production, and more. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more.


Our Home


We’ve been in the same spot for 143 years. Originally, the location now known as 220 Bay Street in Gravenhurst Ontario didn’t have a civic address. The original wooden buildings were constructed from local Muskoka timber when Gravenhurst was a booming logging town. Our buildings and courtyardswere teeming with horses, drays, carts, wooden crates, and hand-blown glass bottles.


Eventually, the wooden structures were replaced with the old brick building you see today. It’s relatively new, pushing almost 100 years old. Similarly, the horses were replaced with a fleet of trucks – one of which is still in operation. In our timeline, you can see the 1940s fleet lined up on a dirt floor inside the current warehouse. Over the years, we’ve bottled more water, Coca-Cola, and our own sparkling beverages than anyone can count. 220 Bay has been home to horses, lumberjacks, vintage trucks, tractor trailers, bottling lines, brewing facilities, apartments, antiques, offices, and more. A walk through 220 Bay is a walk through history… and we’re just getting started.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is growing – and getting a makeover. You may have seen the new trucks and new look throughout the summer. The green landscape is already a recognizable mobile icon in Muskoka. We’re awfully proud of it here at 220 Bay.


While some things change and ‘improve’, others were perfect to begin with. That was the case with ‘41’, the pride of the fleet. Our 1941 Dodge pickup truck was factory-modified into a classic curved-bed beverage truck. Those wood planks carried wooden crates all over Muskoka in the midst of World War II. ‘41’ turned 75 in 2016, a birthday we celebrated with special edition crowns on our craft beverages.


Nowadays, ‘41’ and ’53’, our 1953 International still deliver ice-cold refreshment across Muskoka. Look for these beauties at fun-filled events throughout the area or make a request to have them add to the fun at your next event.



Product Categories

We have been bottling sparkling beverages since the late 1800s. J.D. Brown took his natural spring water and turned it into something novel. He carbonated it and created a wide variety of flavours – some of which are commonplace today; others are relics of the past. Over the last 100 years, our craft beverages have been marketed under various brands, including: J.D. Brown, Brown’s Beverages, Nickel Dry, Muskoka Dry and more. Our refreshing drinks included: Club Soda, Stone Ginger Beer, Lithia Water, Sparking Tonic Water, Lithiated lemon, Lime Rickey, Pale Ginger Ale, Quinine Tonic, Lemon, Sarparsilla, Orange, and more.


Today, our sparkling beverages are still made with the finest ingredients. Jack Brown immortalized his iconic recipes in his little black book, which we still use today. Our original Pale Ginger Ale is the same as it was during the First World War. True to our original creative spirit, we are still crafting new beverages. Alongside our Pale Ginger Ale, you’ll find Old Tyme Orange – a century old Muskoka classic, Stone Ginger Beer – resurrected from the little black book, Silver Birch Beer – a tribute to the original Brown’s Sarsparilla, and Maple Cream Ale – a new creation that literally bottles a piece of Muskoka.


Our Craft Beverages are designed to embody Muskoka. In floats, cocktails, and on their own, they have been pleasing Muskoka lovers for over a century. We love them, and we’re sure you will too.


In 2016, we partnered with Campus Crew to launch a brand new clothing line to suit our new branding. We’ve been fans of Campus Crew since it first arrived in Muskoka. For years, we’ve sported their amazingly soft, high-quality casual fleece, shirts, and legwear. Campus Crew is a fervent supporter of Muskoka, with three locations and dozens of unique Muskoka-themed designs. We’re proud to be able to don our favourite Muskoka clothing while sporting our own brand.


You’ll find everything from shorts and leggings to T-shirts and fleece at Campus Crew locations in Muskoka and online at the Muskoka Springs retail store. If we’re missing an item or a design you’d like to see, let us know – we’re just getting started.



We started bottling natural spring water when Dugald Brown first tapped his artesian well in 1873. Our natural spring water was distributed in handmade wooden crates equipped with six large hand-blown glass bottles closed with corks. Horse-drawn drays carried the crates throughout the area and down to the wharf where they were loaded onto steamships and distributed across the lakes.


143 years later, we continue to bottle and distribute natural spring water across Central Ontario. Our products range from 500mL single-serve bottles to 18L cooler jugs and everything in between. We serve retailers, business, resorts, and even private homes. With thousands of clients across the region, we’re proud to say our natural spring water has become almost ubiquitous in cottage country. If you find a blind spot in our distribution map, please let us know. We’re here to quench your thirst.



Our 100 percent organic Pure Maple Syrup is made from the sap of red, black, and sugar maple trees. Our classic Canadian staple is tapped and bottled right here in Central Ontario. We do things the old-fashioned way – as you can expect. Our 100 percent organic Pure Maple Syrup is available in 1L bottles across Muskoka and online at the Muskoka Springs retail store. You’ll also find it in bottles of our original Maple Cream Ale – a refreshing twist on a timeless icon.



Our merchandize epitomizes the Muskoka life – designed to enhance your everyday experience. Our beverage-related products help you transport, cool, open, and serve your favourite refreshments. Our games are just pure fun. With classics such as washers and corn hole and new creations such as Battleship Pong, we’ve got you covered – rain or shine. See our blog for instructions and store to get your own.